About Us

Kristine and Angela started blogging about the same time back in 2017. They quickly connected through a mutual love of sustainability and finances. After using the hashtag #ecofrugal on Instagram more than once, they decided to team up and create a page for all things both sustainable and frugal. Thus, Ecofrugals was born!


Angela Rozmyn

Angela is the community-creator, general cheer-distributor and imaginer of great ideas. She connects people, makes collaborations happen and is just generally an all-round fabulous person.

Angela also runs the blog:
Tread Lightly Retire Early

Kristine Vike

Kristine is the woman behind the (digital) curtain. Watercolor enthusiast, general site manager and curious pursuer of code snippets and website solutions.

Kristine is also the woman behind FrugasaurusVault, an Etsy shop selling digital printables for debt payoff, saving money, bullet journaling, achieving goals and improving your life in general.

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