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A 2020 Christmas

Considering everything that’s happened in 2020, I’ve had the urge to do Christmas in *a big way* to make up for everything that hasn’t happened. Lots of new lights and decorations, plenty of presents for my son, husband, roommate, and extended family, and anything else I can think of. Really, though, those things won’t make the holiday […]

8 Ecofrugal and zero-waste swaps and suggestions for your bathroom

Most bathrooms are a surprising and often staggering combination of perfumes, additives, dyes and many chemicals. The complex mixtures found in our soaps, shampoos, moisturizers, conditioners, makeup removers and more. Women, with out higher beauty expectation, put on 168 different chemicals on our faces every day, on average! That’s a bit mad, to be honest. […]