Ecofrugal Around the Web – April 2020

It’s May and time to give a shoutout to great bloggers around the web who help make us more sustainable, frugal and reflected people.

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Sourdough discard vegan chocolate cake

A lot of people are learning to bake during orders to shelter in place, and nursing sourdough is a great way to ensure you don’t run out of yeast. But if you’ve ever given the bubbly concoction a try, you’ll know that you quickly accumulate leftovers or sourdough discard from all the feedings and replenishing with fresh water and flour.

We are frugal people here, and hate wasting food, so it would make sense to try to find ways to use this sourdough discard. Over at Zero Waste Chef, there sprouted a mouth dripping recipe for sourdough discard chocolate cake last month. And it’s vegan to boot! Make sure to check out some of her other sourdough discard recipes too. The sourdough discard crackers are amazing!

Sourdough is about more than bread

Speaking of sourdough. If you want more of a deepdive into different kinds of sourdough, honest reflections of experiments and a good dose of science. Check our Frugal Pharmacist’ post on sourdough. She gets into all sorts of interesting topics such as the health benefits of fermented grains and the frugality of more home-based economics.

Everything I bought my toddler so far + free toddler fun!

Changing routines can be stressful for everyone, but can be especially hard on kids and toddlers. Over at She Picks Up Pennies, we get an honest picture of what quarantine with a toddler can look like, as well as several tips for how to keep a young one entertained for free with some basic resources.

How about growing a garden, making chalk paint or dye eggs?

How to celebrate earth day at home

As we celebrated Earth Day in April, lots of great posts popped up focusing on that. One of them was Kathryn from Going Zero Waste, who talked about 15 things you can do for the planet.

Positive eco news

And just to make sure we end on a great note, I want to share this short news article about how renewable sources made up 72 % of new energy added in 2019! There is always room for some good news!

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2 thoughts on “Ecofrugal Around the Web – April 2020

  1. sourdough discard?!? that’s the second time i hear of this and it must be an american thing. i have never discarded any sourdough (the total amount varies a little depending on how i have left over after refresh+bake, so I adjust the refresh amount the next time). i have two sourdoughs (rye and wheat) and they’re both over 30 years old (not cultivated by me – i got a bit after a workshop) and they are still going strong! i even neglect them weeks at a time and they don’t seem to mind.

    1. I think sourdough discard is more a feature of how often and how regularly a person is baking than any cultural feature. While I’ve revived sourdoughs cultures that have been neglected after travelling, they do seem to thrive on regular feeding (weekly, in my case, when stored in the fridge most of the time).

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