Ecofrugal around the web – March 2020

March was the month where covid-19 was on everybody's lips and home offices, toilet paper shortage, and pandemics became a part of a strange, new normal.

This month, we have several posts about prepperFI, or prepared financial independence. PrepperFI is all about building more than a healthy savings account. Gardening, community and a well-stocked pantry are all core to the mindset.

There are also two zero-waste minded posts. And we share some love about a recently rebranded blog that we just love to rave about!

Prepper FI

Angela over at Tread Lightly Retire Early writes about what is in their pantry to keep her family happy and healthy while this pandemic rages and wreaks havoc on our norms and habits.

In that same wine, Frugal Pharmacist wrote about PrepperFI vs the Pandemic. A similarly down to earth post about being prepared, how they are prepared, and what they are stocking up on. Their thesis being if you’re prepared, you don’t need to be scared.

Saving money and the planet

As some people are apparently building whole castles (or something) hoarding toilet paper, you can make what you have last that much longer by adopting Frogdancer’s ridiculously easy sewing project to make your own reusable toilet “paper”.

The Kind Living blog published a post about 10 sustainable swaps they made in 2019. I love reading these kinds of posts because it isn’t just what people could be swapping out for more sustainable options, but what they really are swapping and that is working for them!

Holistic ecofrugal finances

Recently, Laura rebranded her old blog, Triple Bottom FI, into Rich and Resilient Living, and I am in LOVE. Like us, Laura focuses on financial independence beyond the finances. Her financial permaculture series are an amazing read, and she even has a recent guest post by legend Vicki Robin. this is really a website and a writer to be looking out for, and we are certain it won’t be the last time they are featured on the monthly roundup!

As March comes to a close and we see no end to the pandemic safety measures just yet, what are ways you are staying busy in your own environment? Are you gardening? Crafting? Making food? Reading books? Perhaps you are helping your local community or calling a loved one?

How was your ecofrugal March? Let us know!

Ecofrugal around the web is a monthly roundup series where we feature other bloggers writing about ecofrugal topics like sustainability, permaculture, green finances and zero-waste.

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4 thoughts on “Ecofrugal around the web – March 2020

  1. Hello, Kristine. Your kind and positive words about my blog rebrand and content are much appreciated. I’m delighted you and Angela have paired up to launch this site that will make the ecofrugal lifestyle much more appealing and accessible to many people.

    Another ecofrugal toilet paper solution is growing your own toilet paper plant. I learned about mullein (latin name – verbascum Thapsus) – or cowboy toilet paper – while taking an herbalism class about 8 years ago. While mullein doesn’t grow here in Florida there are other plants with similar leaves that do, although I don’t know them by their botanical names. Often these plants have antiseptic properties as well. You can have your toilet paper and a carbon offset all in one. And if you really want to be ecofrugal you can plant it outside next to a compost toilet!

    1. Thank you for your kind words Laura. I am really loving your rebranded site too!

      I have never heard of a toilet paper plant! That is really interesting. We have a lot of rain where we live, and had honestly planned on installing a bidet and greywater filtering system when we find our forever home!

  2. Since being home after the schools closed, I’ve been taking naps that have been going for 2+ hours every day. I don’t know where this has come from, but it seems my body really needs to catch up on sleep at the moment. I’m hoping it stops soon – I have a lot of jobs I want to get done here!
    Thanks for including me. Now I’m off to do some reading of the other links!

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