Ecofrugal around the web – May 2020

Hi all, welcome to our ecofrugal around the web rounup for May 2020! Have suggestions for posts or people you think deserve to be featured? Shoot us an email (ecofrugals (a) gmail (dot) com) or tag us on twitter!

This month, we are focusing more on social justice, people of color and diversity. It breaks my heart to hear about everything that is happening in the States right now, so we have searched for some fantastic bloggers and people of color to add to our monthly feature. Social justice has a natural place within ecofrugal spaces as we work to build a better future for everyone.

5 Reasons Why I Practice Minimalist Fashion by Clever Girl Finance. You can practice minimalism for many different reasons. Be it money, frugality, space, the environment or anything in between. In this post, Bola shares her 5 reasons why, and they are reasons we can all get behind. That it is easier to look for quality and great for the environment that we reduce how much we consume is a great bonus too!

A Candid Conversation about Race in America – By Michelle is Money Hungry. Honest and important. Michelle talks about how racism has and still impacts Black finances and lives in America today. It’s about microaggressions and it’s about overt aggression. Listen, learn, get educated.

Forged In The Financial Crisis, The Fractured Hope of Being a Millennial – By Kara over at BravelyGo. Kara is a strong voice for women and people of color. Many of us millennials are getting hit by crisis after crisis, and are projected to just never catch up with the relative wealth previous generations enjoyed. It’s depressing and it’s sobering. What can we do? Kara also runs an amazing podcast with Tanja called The Fairer Cents, which is amazing and I really recommend you checking them out.

Penny from She Picks Up Pennies gives us Teacher Talk: Windows and Mirrors – Why Your Bookshelf Matters, and the important view from the classroom and how we can help black kids and people of color be seen and feel seen, even if we can’t be that black role model ourselves. Like so many others, Penny emphasizes the importance of realizing when your kids may have something to teach you, as opposed to the other way around. As well as some downright amazing book recommendations for middle grade and young adult readers.

And because we are the ecofrugals after all, we couldn’t do a monthly feature without focusing on climate, environmental and frugal topics!

The Vox gives us a list of Young Climate Activists of Color from the US who are using their voices and speaking up for what they believe in. Their experiences are important and valid, so let’s sit down and learn what they have to say.

Gwen from Fiery Millennials give us Reducing my Impact. A candid talk about money, Girl Scouts, menstrual hygiene, clothes and more! We are so happy to see more and more bloggers shine a light on the intersectionality of frugality, finances and the environment. Go Gwen!

And last, but not least! on this month’s list is We Want Guac with Frugality’s Upsides and Downsides, part 1. More honest talk about the upsides of frugality and how it can benefit you in a plethora or ways, from finance and wealth to health and happiness. Included is a mention of first nation mindsets and focus on frugality, repairing and improving what they had, as opposed to more euro-centric make it-use it-toss it mindsets.

Have ideas for who to feature for June’s roundup? Let us know in the comments, shoot us an email or tag us in social media!

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