We love books, we love writers, so of course we are going to have a book recommendations list!

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Vicki Robin

Woman, healer, icon. Vicki is the personification of ecofrugal, focusing both on managing your finances and the planet in a healthy way.

Your Money or Your Life – The classic, evergreen book teaching readers to value their money as a representation of the life energy they spent earning it.

Blessing the Hands that Feed Us – A much less well-known book, but just as timely. Here, Vicki tackles food security, community, peak oil, exponential growth and many other sensitive topics with grace and warmth.

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Robin Wall Kimmerer

Braiding Sweetgrass – This books is a bit different from all the others. As a collection of essays, it tells you a story and invites you to draw conclusions on your own. It’s both a compassionate telling about a search for self, and an beautiful combination of first nation knowledge and typical western scientific thinking.

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Helena Norberg-Hodge

Local is our Future – Helena weaves compassion, economics and psychology in this book about how the globalization and industrialization of our world is making us miserable. And calls for the return of local, engaged communities.

Ancient Futures – The original classic on the economics of happiness. An eye-opening book on the importance of change and localization of our economic systems.

Tanja Hester

Work Optional – Tanja teaches you how to save money and reach financial independence so you can do whatever you want. Ruthless prioritization of what you value plays a key role.

Martin Crawford

Creating a Forest Garden – An indispensable resource for any aspiring perennial and permaculture garden. This book provides tips, tricks, and a large dictionary of different species and their growing preferences.

David Holmgren

The Permaculture Handbook – A timeless classic, and a great starting point if you want to see “what all this permaculture business is all about”. Holmgren is one of the co-founders of the whole permaculture movement.

Joseph Jenkins

The Humanure Handbook – A cult classic in deeper sustainability circles. The way we currently deal with our bodily waste is unsustainable, toxic and pollutes drinking waters. What if the alternative is so simple it is hard to believe?

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