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8 Ecofrugal and zero-waste swaps and suggestions for your bathroom

Most bathrooms are a surprising and often staggering combination of perfumes, additives, dyes and many chemicals. The complex mixtures found in our soaps, shampoos, moisturizers, conditioners, makeup removers and more. Women, with out higher beauty expectation, put on 168 different chemicals on our faces every day, on average! That’s a bit mad, to be honest. […]

Save money and resources by staggering your purchases

Right now, a lot of us are stuck inside our homes and may turn online more often than usual. It’s an anxious and scary time for everyone, which makes it all the easier to feel like we should treat ourselves through online purchases and deliveries. Or perhaps online shopping is helping you distract yourself from the current situation? Whatever the case, take a deep breath and… wait. Stay that hand. For at least 72 hours, try to think of other things.