What does ecofrugal even mean?

Hi there! Welcome to our brand new and sparkly Ecofrugals website!

If you just got here, it might be because Angela or myself (Kristine) tweeted, IG posted or otherwise mentioned our exciting new joint effort. But what exactly does ecofrugal mean, and what do we want this site to do?


In a nutshell, ecofrugal is made up of two words. Ecological and frugal. More accurate might have been sustainable and frugal, but “susfrugal” didn’t quite roll off the tongue in the same easy fashion, so here we are.

Way before this page was conceived, we were posting about a particular type of frugal activity, such as the line-drying of laundry or mending of clothes, under the hashtag of #ecofrugal. In a nutshell, an ecofrugal activity is any activity that serves the double purpose of minimizing our strain on the earth’s limited resources, at the same time as it saves us money! Can you say win-win?

Ecofrugal earth warriors reuse bottles, plan their shopping, maybe grow a little food if they are able, walk or bike when or if they are able, and generally try to look for new solutions in curious places. You don’t have to do everything to qualify. If something doesn’t work for your particular situation, perhaps there is a different way you can be a little more ecofrugal in your life.


At Ecofrugals.com, we want to build a community of people who wish to save the planet and their money at the same time. We want to inspire people by sharing posts and viewpoints of a plethora of different people. Because there is no true way, and perfection is an illusion. We will share recipes, techniques, tips and tricks as well as real reviews from real people with no affiliation to products or services.

We will share stories and inspiration from people doing their best, no matter where they are in their ecofrugal journey. The most important is just to start and to try. So here we are!

~ With love, the Ecofrugals team

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2 thoughts on “What does ecofrugal even mean?

  1. Woot woot! Congrats ladies! Proud of you and impressed by how quickly you moved on this. Looking forward to following your content.

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